Updating our best practices with Symfony 5, striving to be the best Symfony, WordPress & React developers in town

Canary Software – Symfony 5 Migration

Symfony 5: The fast track

As a huge fan of Symfony, we’re so excited with a new book from @Fabpot

We’re so eager to learn and integrate all new Docker, APIs, notifications, queues & asynchronous tasks, Webpack, Single-Page Applications, and other powerful tools into our projects.

We started using and migrated old project with Symfony 3, 4 to Symfony 5 over the last few months. But it is a good chance to review work, and to build our best practices with the latest version of Symfony.

And we’re striving to become the best Symfony, WordPress & React developers in town. You should read this book for our developers.

Thanks Symfony team, again!


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