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Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Symfony - Laravel, WordPress - Magento, Spring- Struts - Hibernate, .NET Core - ASP.NET , React - Vue - Angular

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Canary Software is a top Outsourcing Agency in custom software development and technology consulting in Vietnam. We solve complex business challenges through enterprise web and mobile solutions, helping worldwide companies and enterprise clients untangle complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey.
Our passion is to transform processes, enhance experiences, and empower people for service-based businesses who want to win. We value our partnerships above all with clients, and we guarantee transparent pricing, superior communication, and quality work as we leverage industry expertise to provide exceptional custom software solutions, striving to deliver the best results for every client.
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Who We Are?

We believe we are the stacks that we great at. And here are those stasks:

  • We live with CentOS, MacOS, Ubuntu but still there’s one last Windows ninja in our office.
  • Apache, MariaDB, PHP (Or Nginx, and MySql) is a must.
  • Sometimes we use MongoDB, or Solr as needed.
  • Symfony, Magento of course. And Laravel, Zend, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress…
  • HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Sass, jQuery, AngularJS, Underscore.JS, Bootstrap…
  • And we love Composer, Git (github, bitbucket). They ease our lives, really.
  • We also used Docker, and familiar with Amazon EC2, S3.
  • We have been working with a lot of third party APIs, and we created API for our own applications.
  • We communicate using Email, Skype, Hipchat, Slack or whatever tool that can send text or voice. We’re good at using English, to chat, to call, especially to sing.
  • PHP DEVELOPERS (Symfony, Laravel, Magento, WordPress) 60%
  • JAVA DEVELOPERS (Spring, Struts, Hibernate) 40%
  • MOBILE APP DEVELOPER (ReactNative) 35%
  • FRONTEND DEVELOPERS (React, Vue) 50%

We have been recognized

If you search for PHP development companies in Vietnam on Clutch, you can easily find us, between the best reviewed companies

The website Canary Software developed received positive feedback from users for its ease of use and smooth functionality. Friendly and supportive, their team was always ready to help on a moment’s notice

We are Top Rated agency on Upwork with 96% Satisfaction Rate from dozens of clients all over the world: USA, Europe, Australia…

Chien can do good Laravel development according to clear specifications.

Chinh delivered a very good quality work on our symfony api project. I highly recommand Chinh and I wish to work with him for a long time.

What do our clients say?

What people say?

Raising Talents

We keep improving our skills and technical expertise day in, day out.
And the Most Valuable Developers will be honored. Here, we are so proud to show you our Hall of Fame.

Although look quite young but Toan has a lot of knowledge about Symfony, Laravel. He is a biggest fan of beer, take photograph.
A young man likes finding, discovery frontend technologies. And table tennis, watch football, beer... but no cigarette!
Getting to know and working on new technologies is a passion of him. A young and funny man with hobbies are swimming, motorbike, alcohol.
A funny man with his love for Manchester United. Huy always hungry for newest technology.

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Canary Software

Ellipse Tower, 110 Tran Phu, Hadong, Hanoi, Vietnam

Canary Software
55, khu TT6, Khu đô thị Văn Phú, Hà Đông, Hà Nội 10000, Vietnam

Ellipse Tower, 110 Tran Phu, Hadong, Hanoi, Vietnam

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