Full Stack Overflow developer, who are they?

Full Stack Overflow developers work almost entirely by copying and pasting code from Stack Overflow instead of understanding what they are doing. Instead of researching a topic, they go there first to ask a question hoping people will just give them the result.

Why have more and more Full Stack Overflow developer

– Create something happier than read a long document how to create it.
– Use something work immediately even you don’t know how to it work happier than disapointed because you can’t fix any issue
– You feel you are real hacker than people spend time to read the stupid document
– The work needs speed who care the code clear or not.

So what? Why is it a problem if people are faster and more effective in releasing products?

– When you copy code, maybe this code has security hole and you don’t know this, just paste and paste
– The easiest anwser will be choose. Because, when copy code, it runs even though have better answer below. That why developer maybe install a plugin, package ( what created long time ago and no one use it today), so their project now only god can understand it.
– You choose the easiest way, allrights it’s ok. But who knows, when maintance, your easiest way become to the huge problems and you can’t finish.

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