1. Do it yourserf

i can do it
When you learn or find a new feature, don’t copy paste it. Because if you copy paste it, you will forget it immediately the next day, next week or next month and when you find a same feature or problem, you have to research it to solve the problem. It is too time consuming.

If you do it by yourself, maybe your code will have some bugs. Don’t worry, try to debug and solve it. When you successful solve a bug, you will get a lot of experience to solve with a same problem. Moreover, when you have a same feature, you will easy do it because you have done it before.

2. Learn from books, internet

learn from books and internet
Knowledge you learn from the university will never enough, that why you have to find from other source, may be books, internet or from other people. The more knowledge you have, you will have many ways to solve a problem, and you will choose the best way of it.

3. Find the best way to solve a problem

the best way

Have many ways to do a problem, why you have choose the best way?
– First, you will save a lot of time.
– Second, your code will be clear, you will get many bonus points from other people if your code clear
– Third, prevent hacker take advantage of problems exist from your code.
– Fourth, save memory and increase speed of website

4. Become an intern


When become an intern, you will join a professional work environment, you will learn a lot of experience from it. A few experience, may be you will never imagine people can do the problem like this.

Trust me, one month in a professional work environment may be greater than one year in the university, home,…

5. Join community to learn and share experience from other


When join community, you can learn from other people, how they think, how they solve a problem,… You will find a new math, bug or somthing else, don’t skip it, may be you will have a same problem in the feature.

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