Remote Working – New Norm

The world changed dramatically in early 2020. 12 millions people infected with Corona virus and 500K deaths so far. The world may never be the same as it used to be, we hope it could be better as this is a chance for all of us to fix it.

Canary Software is so lucky that Vietnam did a great job on fighting Corona virus, with only few hundreds of infected cases and no death so far. Thank to all the doctors, nurses, health workers for their quick & hard work.

Not many countries acted soon and aggressively on Corona virus. And we can see some new leads, whose businesses suffer badly from locking down. They are now seriously looking for a remote IT development service.

Canary Software In The New Norm

As one of the best team of Symfony, WordPress & React developers in Hanoi, we’re been working remotely with worldwide clients for almost a decade and delivering many successful projects for clients & our users in USA, Europe, Singapore, Australia…

Now remote or Offshore development team is a hot trend again. But with our experience, it’s not just easy as a switch, where you can just turn on or off. It’s mind changing process.

  • It’s still building your team, but remotely;
  • It’s a new operational model based on higher flexibility and more agile and remote ways of working;
  • It’s a corporate culture that is more connected internally and externally and where an analysis of collaboration can provide valuable data;
  • And it’s a lot of saving, which you can invest into sales, marketing… to boost your business.

Remote working is here to stay and more than ever to become an integral part of the way we work. Now is the time for companies to prepare for the “back to the new normal”.

Contact us now to get back to the new track.

Canary Software provides senior dedicated developers at impressive cost. And we won’t let you down as long as you think about us as your team.

Stay Safe!!!

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